The Six-Point Agenda


In his bid for mayor, Hank Preston promises to bring hope to Los Santos by ensuring complete transparency in local governance.

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Tax Refunds

This venture will put money back into the pockets of our hardworking residents, stimulating local economies and enhancing financial security.

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On a mission to resurrect the Los Santos City Council, we can ensure local districts have a strong voice in decision-making.

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Community engagement initiatives will take center stage, fostering understanding and mutual respect between officers and residents.

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By providing opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned service providers, we will foster innovation and prosperity for city services.

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Greater Picture

A comprehensive vision where no one is left behind. Hank's true dedication to our community guarantees a brighter future for all.

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And Much More...

Unlike Mayor Cambridge, Hank Preston brings a refreshing and compassionate approach to city governance. He firmly believes in transparency and democratic processes, ensuring that every resident's voice, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is valued and heard. Hank's commitment extends to vital aspects like homelessness, accessible housing, healthcare, education, community centers, food, resources, flourishing business opportunities, and a just legal system, where he advocates for initiatives that prioritize the well-being and prosperity of all citizens.

Furthermore, he acknowledges and respects the rights of responsible gun owners, aiming to find a harmonious balance between public safety and individual freedoms. Farewell to an inactive mayor, as Hank Preston steps up to the challenge, devoted to bringing progress and justice to every nook and cranny of Los Santos.

Believe in a Better Los Santos.

As we stand at a major turning point this year, Hank launches his campaign with determination to be a leader that our city deserves. Los Santos is his home and it holds a deep place in his heart. He firmly believes in its potential to be a better place.