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  • About Hank

    About Hank

    Hank Preston is considerably the most seasoned candidate for the Office of Mayor. Serving as the Director of Port Authority, and working at the Port of Los Santos going on thirty years now, his proven track record of getting things done shows he will bring his work ethic and dedication to the mayor's office.

  • Rebuilding Our City

    Rebuilding Our City

    Hank Preston is committed to restoring the public contracts program to rejuvenate transit, infrastructure, and essential repairs throughout our city. With your support, we'll create a more sustainable and thriving community for all residents.

  • Yearly Tax Refunds

    Yearly Tax Refunds

    Hank Preston proposes a groundbreaking joint venture with the State Government to introduce yearly city tax refunds, providing much-needed financial relief to our hardworking citizens. By working together, we can ensure a fair and equitable system that fosters economic growth and supports our community's well-being on a scaling financial system for all.

  • Commerce


    By forging partnerships with local organizations and businesses, we will create a network of resources that uplifts our community. These contracts will improve transportation systems, expand healthcare facilities, promote entrepreneurship, and provide equitable financial services, ensuring that every resident can thrive. Together, let's build a city where access and opportunity are available to all.

  • Law


    Team Preston prioritizes public safety by providing the necessary resources and support for our law enforcement agencies. By investing in training, equipment, oversight, and community engagement programs, we will create a city where residents feel secure and protected.

Mayoral Candidate

Hank Preston

Hank Preston is a blue-collar worker and the current Director of the San Andreas Port Authority.

He has worked for 30 years with the Port Authority, and now he is running for Mayor of Los Santos. The Preston-Coleman campaign is all about creating blue-collar jobs, transparency, grassroots events, rallies, town halls; and council meetings.

Join us in this journey to build a better Los Santos for everyone!

Public Service

As a blue-collar worker, Hank has put in over 30 years growing the economy and industry in San Andreas.


This campaign is fully committed to Government transparency and accountability in city affairs.


Hank's running mate Frederick Coleman served as the Deputy Mayor of Liberty City for five years, and brings experience to the table.

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