Your Future Deputy Mayor

Frederick Coleman, an accomplished and committed African American political figure, stands ready to bring about a considerable transformation in Los Santos. His roots in Liberty City nurtured a strong sense of dedication to public service from a young age. Following his education, he flourished in the tech industry, gaining valuable experience that has significantly influenced his governance approach.

With a strong desire to effect positive change in his community, Fred answered the call to serve as Deputy Mayor of Liberty City. During his tenure, he implemented innovative policies and introduced cutting-edge technology investments that transformed the city's infrastructure. Recognizing the importance of connectivity, Fred spearheaded the installation of 5G Kiosks, allowing residents to easily access city services and connect with one another. While leveraging his experience in the tech industry, he introduced tailor-made financial software and record-keeping systems, effectively streamlining government operations while guaranteeing transparency and accountability.

His dedication to public service and progressive style of leadership make him an indispensable advantage in the mayoral campaign. Given his impressive history of accomplishments in Liberty City, he is well-positioned to enact significant changes and foster stronger communities throughout Los Santos. Together with Hank Preston, Fred Coleman is determined to build a brighter future for all residents, ensuring that the city thrives and that no one is left behind.

A word from Hank...

"I consider myself lucky to have Frederick Coleman as my running mate. His record of achievements and commitment to public service have instilled within me great confidence in his capacity to create a substantial and positive influence on our city. His visionary style showcased through the introduction of groundbreaking technological advancements in Liberty City, aligns perfectly with our shared aspirations for the people of Los Santos.

I wholeheartedly believe in Fred's commitment to the community and creating opportunities for everyone. His knowledge and background in the tech industry will play an important role in translating practical solutions into reality for our city. Together, we can put in place efforts to empower people with the necessary resources to flourish.

With Fred's potential, our campaign, and future administration, we will be poised to construct an inclusive, thriving city at the cutting edge of innovation. Our joint efforts will usher in positive transformations for Los Santos, forging a brighter future that benefits all its residents."

- Hank Preston